Puppy raising

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rhodesian Ridgeback
Heshima ya Kimba puppies

It's a matter of course that my puppies
are dewormed and vaccinated correctly
and that they get their International
Certificate of vaccination for dogs.

My puppies are also microchiped and
they get three generation pedigrees of
the Kennel Union of Southern Africa

I inform you about the import in detail
and organize the import of your puppy
for you.

The first three weeks the puppies live
inside the house in a bright room where
they stay with their mother and me.

Heshima ya Kimba puppies
Heshima ya Kimba puppies

In this room the puppies can already
experience various household and
ambient noises what is important for
their socializing
in relation to daily life.

At the age of about three weeks the
puppies move to their summer-house
in the garden. There is enough space
for them to run and to play and to
discover their environment. They are
introduced to different people and also to
children and other well socialized dogs.

Heshima ya Kimba puppies
Heshima ya Kimba puppies

People who are interested in the puppies
are always welcome. Appointments will
be arranged in advance.

The puppies need also their rest periods.
That's the reason why all visitors should
adhere to the date arrangements.

Heshima ya Kimba puppies
Heshima ya Kimba puppies

My puppies are also "my babies",
i. e., I feel responsible for every
puppy for life. This responsibility
means also that I will select the
future families of the puppies
according to my criteria.

 "Heshima ya Kimba" puppies
are full of life!

Heshima ya Kimba puppies
Heshima ya Kimba puppies

Ridgeback puppies are not cute and small
only. They've got energy!!!
That's the reason why you need
detailed information about the breed:
read the books, visit dog shows and
Rhodesian Ridgeback walks and visit
as many different breeders as possible.
Only after you know several dogs, owners
and breeders, you will be able to see the
differences in quality.

 Please contact me if you are interested
in a "Heshima ya Kimba" puppy,
because without prospective puppy
owners I won't have a litter.

Heshima ya Kimba puppies
Heshima ya Kimba puppies and their owners

I want to be your partner for the
duration of the puppy's life and expect
from you to stay in contact with me.

Are you seriously interested in a
"Heshima ya Kimba" puppy?

Send me an e-mail!

"See you!"

Heshima ya Kimba puppies

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