Rhodesian Ridgeback
Books about the Rhodesian Ridgeback
"The Complete Rhodesian Ridgeback" von Nicholson + Parker

"The Complete Rhodesian Ridgeback"
in English

Nicholson + Parker

(ISBN 0 948955 813)

"Rhodesian Ridgeback Today" von Stig Carlson

"Rhodesian Ridgeback Today"
in English

Stig Carlson

(ISBN 1-86054-089-9)


"Rhodesian Ridgeback" von Eileen M. Bailey

"Rhodesian Ridgeback"
An Owners Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet (Owner's Guide to a Happy Healthy Pet)
in English

Eileen M. Bailey

"Rhodesian Ridgeback" von Ann Woodrow

"Rhodesian Ridgeback"
in English

Ann Woodrow

(ISBN 0-9511408-0-9)


"Rhodesian Ridgebacks" von Frank Lutman

"Rhodesian Ridgebacks"
in English

Frank Lutman

(ISBN 0-86622-595-1)

"De Rhodesian Ridgeback in Nederland 1945 - 1991" vom RRCN

"De Rhodesian Ridgeback in Nederland 1945 - 1991" of the RRCN
in Dutch + English

(ISBN 90 802595-1-9)


"Le Rhodesian Ridgeback" von Bernard Lebourg

"Le Rhodesian Ridgeback"
in French

Bernard Lebourg

(ISBN 2-7328-2184-5)

"Rhodesian Ridgeback" von Stig Carlson

"Rhodesian Ridgeback"
in German

Stig Carlson

 (ISBN 3-929545-27-6)

"Der Rhodesian Ridgeback" von Jochen H. Eberhardt

"Der Rhodesian Ridgeback"
in German

Jochen H. Eberhardt

(ISBN 3-8263-8466-0)

"Rhodesian Ridgeback - Heute -" von Stig Carlson

"Rhodesian Ridgeback - Heute -"
in German

Stig Carlson

(ISBN 3-933228-15-8)

"Mein gesunder Rhodesian Ridgeback" von Ann Chamberlain

"Mein gesunder Rhodesian Ridgeback"
in German

Ann Chamberlain

(ISBN 3-933 646-74-X)

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