I-litter born 30.11.2012

8 males und 5 females, all black-nosed, out of


Adigun of Ekongo Kaross of Crownwood X


Manayakaya Amy of Heshimayakimba

For further information on the parents, Adigun and Amy, click on the particular photo above.


Ibhar Impi
Heshimayakimba Ibhar Impi
  Ibnijah Tiger
Heshimayakimba Ibnijah Tiger
  Igdaliah Paddy
Heshimayakimba Igdaliah Paddy
  Imlah Kimba
Heshimayakimba Imlah Kimba
Iri Itongo
Heshimayakimba Iri Itongo
  Irijah Bolt
Heshimayakimba Irijah Bolt
  Isaiah Sam
Heshimayakimba Isaiah Sam
  Ishod Bomvu Leo
Heshimayakimba Ishod Bomvu Leo
Idumea Faith
Heshimayakimba Idumea Faith
  Ilai Bella
Heshimayakimba Ilai Bella
  Imnah Abby
Heshimayakimba Imnah Abby
  Iscah Sally
Heshimayakimba Iscah Sally
    Ishi Zena
Heshimayakimba Ishi Zena

  Pedigree of puppies


Photos of puppy raising time
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Pups in new homes
Pups in their new homes



58 days old
I-litter - 58 days old


46 days old
I-litter - 46 days old


41 days old
I-litter - 41 days old


36 days old
I-litter 36 days old


35 days old
I-litter - 35 days old

32 days old
I-litter - 32 days old


28 days old
I-litter - 28 days old


26 days old
I-litter - 26 days old


23 days old
I-litter 23 days old


16 days old
I-litter - 16 days old

12 days old
I-litter - 12 days old


9 days old


7 days old
I-litter - 7 days old


5 days old
I-litter - 5 days old


First puppy photos
I-litter - first pictures


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