Kennel History

Heshima ya Kimba ( 1996 - 2003 Anke van Wyk)

Behind this KUSA, FCI and VDH registered kennel name (established in 1996) 
you can find my Rhodesian Ridgebacks and me:
My name is Anke van Wyk (maiden name: Jendrychowski).
I'm German, but staying in Port Elizabeth/South Africa since 2002.

My love for the Rhodesian Ridgebacks started in Germany when my first bitch
"CH. Bella-Kimba" came into my life in 1994, in co-ownership with my friend, Michael Schmidt, 
as at that time eight weeks old puppy. This puppy developed into a stunning, healthy and 
obedient bitch, proved again and again on numerous national and international dog shows 
I attended with her (see successes). I celebrated her greatest show success on the 
FCI-World Dog Show in Budapest (Hungary) in June 1996, where she became 
FCI World Winner 1996. Afterwards she won further four championship titles. "CH. Bella-Kimba" 
was also successful in dog sport and breeding. She became the foundation bitch of my kennel 
"Heshima ya Kimba", which means in Swahili "Respect for Kimba". After her two litters in 
1996 and 1998 with altogether 25 puppies I lost her by a tragical accident in February 1999.

From her first litter with 11 puppies, sired by "CH. Rydgeway African Hunter", I kept one of 
her beautiful daughters in 1996, "CH. Heshima ya Kimba Ashari". In all her qualities she 
proved that she is a worthy successor of her mother. After her litters in 2000 and 2002
with altogether 26 puppies she is retired from breeding now and is just enjoying her life.

From Ashari's first litter (my C-litter) with 13 puppies, sired by "CH. Bango Leoridge", I kept 
again a wonderful and successful bitch in 2000: "Heshima ya Kimba Chakanyuka". 
Unfortunately she couldn't finish her three European championship titles,
German Champion (VDH),  German Champion (Club) and Italian Champion,
because I moved with her to South Africa.

Today you can find "Heshima ya Kimba" Rhodesian Ridgebacks
in 17 different countries in the world (South Africa, Namibia, Ehtiopia, Zambia,
Ukraine, Canada, USA, Russia, Sultanate of Oman, Germany, Austria,
Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal and Belgium).

I am breeding to the best of my knowledge and belief
with the aim to keep the Rhodesian Ridgeback healthy and
with its typical character without loosing its breath-taking beauty:

"No dog is perfect, but the idea of that is always on my mind!"

I can offer:

  • from time to time puppies from healthy and successful Rhodesian Ridgebacks
    with excellent characters

  • puppies lovely raised inside the house and garden with the best veterinarian care

  • best socialized puppies in relation to people und environment

  • partnership in all questions with regard to Rhodesian Ridgebacks also after puppy delivery

If you have questions I will be pleased to receive your e-mail

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