The breed "Rhodesian Ridgeback"

Rhodesian Ridgeback
Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ridgebacks "at work"

The birthplace of the Rhodesian Ridgeback
is the Southern African area. Its original
purpose was to track down big game (mostly 
lions) and keep it at bay in a pack of two or 
three till the arrival of the hunter.

This original purpose is shown in the Ridgeback's
appearance: a strong, muscular and flexible body
which is proper for being extrem persevering
at a medium speed. The dog should never look
plump and heavy, but well balanced and elegant.

CH. Heshima ya Kimba Ashari (photo  Karin van Klaveren)

Heshima ya Kimba Chakanyuka

The most conspicuous mark of the Rhodesian 
Ridgeback is a hair strip on its back ("ridge"),
which originates from the hair growing in 
the opposite direction of the coat.

The character of a Rhodesian Ridgeback
should be dignified. It's an intelligent dog,
which is reserved to strangers, but without
signs of aggression or timidity. In no. 146
you can find the Rhodesian Ridgeback's
registered breed standard of the FCI.

CH. Heshima ya Kimba Ashari (photo  Karin van Klaveren)

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